AVIOSE19, 19th of February 2019, Stuttgart

Software development in the aerospace domain is driven by increasing complexity, new application potentials, and rising certification effort. Future applications demand for new software development methodologies, e. g. autonomous air transport and commercial UAVs and further enhancement of existing functionality. At the same time, there are issues in communication and navigation in airspace, multi-core processors or artificial intelligence. The objective of the workshop is the exchange of new software engineering methods and tools within the avionics domain.



Mission accomplished!

AvioSE19 is over. We would like thank all authors, keynote speakers, panel member, the committee, and the audience for enabling this very valuable event. We are looking forward to repeat this next year. Please stay tuned on aviose.github.io. Please find below impressions from the pinboard session of the workshop condensing the audience’s feeling about avionics and its challenges. The visual protocol of the workshop is available here.

Aviose19 pinboard session: Wishful thinking Aviose19 pinboard session: Provocative theses 1 Aviose19 pinboard session: Provocative theses 1 Aviose19 pinboard session: Wishful thinking after voting Aviose19 pinboard session: Provocative theses 1 after voting Aviose19 pinboard session: Provocative theses 2 after voting Aviose19 pinboard session: Most voted statements

Agenda released

The program for the AVIOSE19 is compiled. We are delighted to announce six papers, two keynote speakers, a panel discussion and a social event for Feb 19 2019.


Acceptance notifications sent

Acceptance notifications were sent out. Authors please make sure to revise your paper according to the remarks until February 5. Register until January 31 for early bird fees and confirm as soon as possible your personal attendance.


Registration open

The registration page opened up. You are now able to register for the AVIOSE19 or the full SE19 here.


Announcement of keynote speakers

The AVIOSE19 workshop is accompanied by two keynote speakers.

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Reichel from the University of Stuttgart will highlight the importance of software engineering from the academic perspective. He is founder of the Institute of Aircraft Systems and a former project leader at Diehl Avionics Systems.
  • Franz Münz from Airbus Defence and Space will share insights and experience of industrial avionics software engineering from the Airbus perspective. He is a respected expert for real-time avionics systems.


Workshop language

The workshop language will be English. All keynotes and discussions will be in English. All presentations shall be delivered in English.


Deadline extended

Because of many requests, we decided to officially extend the deadline for paper submissions. The new deadline is the 13th of January. Already submitted papers can be updated until the new deadline.

Important dates

Jan 13, 2019 Paper submission deadline
Jan 25,2019 Paper acceptance notification
Feb 5, 2019 Camera-ready paper deadline
End of Jan 2019 Conference and workshop registration opens
Jan 31, 2019 Early bird option expires
Feb 19, 2019 Day of the workshop


Participation as an author or listener requires a registration at the hosting conference SE19. Reduced packages for a attending the workshop only are available.

Call for Papers (PDF)

The objective of the workshop is the presentation of methods and technologies of the avionics domain. Topics of interest, but not limited to these, are:

Development technologies:

  • Requirements engineering
  • Modelling languages and tools
  • Transfer of modelling techniques to industrial application
  • Verification via testing and formal methods
  • Security & Safety

Development methods:

  • Certification
  • Agile development
  • Interaction with other domains (e. g. physics, psychology)

Product technologies:

  • Applications of artifical intelligence (including verification)
  • Autonomous Systems

Additional challenges:

  • Reference architectures for hard- and software and interfaces between sub-systems
  • Sensors and sensor fusion
  • Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA)
  • Obsolescence (management)

Type of submission and conditions

We welcome two kinds of contributions:

All accepted contributions will be published within the SE-workshop proceedings and be available in COER-WS.

!!! Accepted contributions must be presented by one of the authors in person!!!

How to Contribute?

The papers must follow IEEE (double column) formatting guidelines.

The papers are to be submitted using EasyChair. If you do not have an EasyChair account, you need to create a new one. The text of the abstract should not exceed 200 words.

For the publication of accepted papers the organization committee requires to have the copyright for the papers. For this, at least one of the authors needs to transfer the necessary rights to the organization committee. Please use one of the prepared templates for this: docx- format is already filled with workshop und organization committee details. If the docx- Format is not possible for you, you can also use the text- Format .

Assessment and Selection of Submissions

The requested submissions lie in the field of expertise of the Organisation and Program Committee. They are assessed according to the following scientific criteria:


The workshop is planned as an all-day event. The workshop language is English.

08:30 - - Registration Entrance*
09:00 09:10 00:10 Opening R. 0.457*
09:10 09:35 00:25 Keynote 1: (The importance of appropriate systems and software engineering for avionics systems from the academic perspective) - Reinhard Reichel,University of Stuttgart R. 0.457*
09:35 10:00 00:25 Paper 1: Towards Computer-Aided Software Requirements Process - Marina Reich, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH R. 0.457*
10:00 10:25 00:25 Paper 2: Tool Chain for Avionics Design, Development, Integration and Test - Martin Halle, Hamburg University of Technology R. 0.457*
10:25 10:55 00:30 Coffee R. 0.457*
10:55 11:20 00:25 Keynote 2: (Insights and experience of industrial avionics systems and software engineering from the Airbus perspective) - Franz Münz, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH R. 0.457*
11:20 11:45 00:25 Paper 3: Test Sequence Generation From Formally Verified SysML Models - Pierre de Saqui-Sannes, ISAE-SUPAERO R. 0.457*
11:45 12:10 00:25 Paper 4: MODCAP: A Platform for Cooperative Search and Rescue Missions - Mariana Avezum, Technical University of Munich R. 0.457*
12:10 12:35 00:25 Paper 5: Using Runtime Monitoring to Enhance Offline Analysis - Sebastian Schirmer, DLR R. 0.457*
12:35 13:50 01:15 Lunch Mensa of the University, Pfaffenwaldring 45
13:50 14:05 00:15 Pinboard time R. 0.457*
14:05 14:30 00:25 Paper 6: Model-Based Engineering for Avionics: Will Specification and Formal Verification e.g. based on Broy’s Streams become feasible? - Deni Raco, RWTH Aachen University R. 0.457*
14:30 15:00 00:30 Pinboard discussion R. 0.457*
15:00 15:30 00:30 Coffee R. 0.457*
15:30 16:00 00:30 Panel discussion - Experts: Dr. Winfried Lohmiller (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH), Dr. Martin Momberg (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, DO-178C contributer), Prof. Reinhard Reichel (University of Stuttgart), Katja Stecklina (Philotech Systementwicklung und Software GmbH) R. 0.457*
16:00 16:10 00:10 Conclusion R. 0.457*
18:00 Dinner: Social and technical exchange with the people from the AvioSE workshop(optional and self-payed) Brauhaus Böblingen, Lange Strasse 20, 71032 Böblingen (Directions)

* Computer Science Building, Universitätsstraße 38, R. 0.457


To contact the organizers, send an email to Marina Reich: marinr[AT]hrz.tu-chemnitz.de.

Workshop chairs

Jun.- Prof. Björn Annighöfer, Universität Stuttgart
Dr. Andreas Schweiger, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH
Marina Reich, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, Technische Universität Chemitz

Program committee

Jun.- Prof. Björn Annighöfer, Universität Stuttgart
Sven Bacher, Philothech Systementwicklung und Software GmbH
Ulrich Fräbel, Rolls Royce Group
Prof. Dr. Ralf God, Technische Universität Hamburg
Prof. Dr. Lars Grunske, Humboldt- Universität zu Berlin
Prof. Dr. Eric Knauss, University of Gothenburg
Jürgen Krug, Diehl Aerospace GmbH
Alfred Lief, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH
Dr. Winfried Lohmiller, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH
Prof. Dr. Alexander Pretschner, Technische Universität München
Dr. Stephan Rudolph, Northrop Grumman LITEF GmbH
Dr. Harald Ruess, fortiss GmbH
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rumpe, RWTH Aachen University
Dr. Andreas Schweiger, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH
Prof. Dr. Matthias Tichy, Universität Ulm
Prof. Dr. André Windisch, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, Technische Universität Chemnitz


All accepted contributions are published with CEUR-WS and freely accessible. Please find the proceedings of the AVIOSE19 below.